Search Engine Marketing

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is practice of marketing a business using paid advertisements that appears on Search engine result pages, their network partners websites, blogs, and mobile applications including, text based advertisements, dynamic ( animated ads), video ads based on advertiser’s bid on keywords that a user’s of that search engine like Google or Bing might enter when looking for certain products or services, giving advertiser the opportunity for their ads to appear alongside results for those search queries.

Our Approach

Aquiltechs Digital marketing department offers advertisers the opportunity to place their ads in front of motivated clients/users/customers who are ready to buy at real time moment they are ready to make purchase. Search engine marketing SEM, is so effective and always gives amazingly powerful way to grow your business, increase its awareness yielding high return on advertising budget by pin pointing to potential customers.

our process


Purpose, and what you want to achieve


Current traffic and analytics examination


Media Selection, Ads development & copy writing


Identifying & planning, media channels, campaigns, segmentations, mapping,


Monitoring of ad channels and traffic and continuous optimization


Deployment of key strategy elements to attain objectives


Assessment of all reports through reporting & calculating ROIs.

why choose us

Aquilatechs offer complete, solutions from website development, website design, website hosting, mobile application development, then in field of marketing, a proper established marketing department and then teams dedicated to SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM then creative with all types of production solutions.

100% Transparency

We offer 100% transparency by providing you direct access to you, so you can see, how when and where your ads are being published.

Simple Price Models

We offer simple price model based on our customer’s requirement, from hourly to monthly and performance to flat based depending upon type of plans and budgets.


Making use of strategic enhancements, and other tools all maintains total control


We do it from your account, so all relevant data and all relevant results stay with you and you have full control in terms of seeing them at any point in time.

Return on advertising investment RAOI (ROI)

AquilaTechs’s proper digital marketing department, comprising of certified professionals, Return on investment is high compared to any other agency, company or firm.


Proper keyword grouping & their organization are key, and its used to create more relevant ads groups, ad, and optimizing land pages, results in greater Quality Score.


A more productive marketing team and better results from your PPC campaigns without raising your budget—Aquilatecs offers real value and real ROI for SMBs.

With over 5 Billion searches happening daily on Google, AdWords is one of the most effective ways to generate more traffic, leads, and revenue online.