Mobile SMS Marketing
SMS Marketing (Short Message Marketing Service) is a technique for spreading promotional messages like special offers, new products and updates to customers to opt in to an automated system using texting an initial shortcode.

98% of Mobile Users, open their phone to check SMS within 2-4 minutes, worldwide. This brings a great opportunity to delvier a message, deal, offer, to audience living in certain area, or to your customers regarding their purchases, or service statuses.


Corporate SMS or Brand SMS Marketing services
Corporate SMS or Brand SMS is a type of SMS recognized by company name which ensures legitimacy and credibility of the message and send your Corporate SMS in Pakistan on time.. People tend to attach trust factor with SMS received by Company name.
Corporate SMS is recognized by Company Name, which ensures credibility & legitimacy of SMS received to a user from that Company. People tend to attach trust factor with SMS received by Company Name.

  • Deliver on all networks.
  • Delivered with masking.
  • API Integration with Software/ERP.
  • Instant delivery with high volume.
  • User friendly Campaign Management Tools Service by AquilaTechs.

Non Branded SMS Marketing Services
SMS Marketing is the latest invention of marketing because the number of mobile users today are much more then the viewers, readers or listeners through other mediums.
It can be used by a register name. e discourage our clients to go with non branded sms marketing, as the response and brand value is low as compared to branded or voice broad casting marketing services.

Campaign Management
AquilaTechs offers a comprehensive campaign management tool to its users through which they can easily send SMS to their target audience and manage their campaigns on their own. With the help of Campaign Management Tool, you can send SMS to customized group of customers/employees/clients/vendors as required from time to time.
Following are the major features of Campaign Management Tool:

Aquila Tech offers, campaign management tools to its clients through which they can easily send SMS to their target audience, manage their campaigns at their own. By using Aquila Techs’s Campaign Management Tools one can send SMS to customized group of customers/ employees/ clients/ vendors as per requirement from time to time.

  • Message Log.
  • SMS Quota Status.
  • Group Management.
  • Search Management
  • User Management.
  • Contacts Management.

Voice Broad Casting Marketing Services
Interactive voice broadcasting (also referred to as interactive voice messaging) programs allow the call recipient to listen to the recorded message and interact with the system by pressing keys on the phone keypad. The system can detect which key is pressed and be programmed to interact and play various messages accordingly. This is a form of Interactive voice response (IVR).

  • Direct marketing.
  • Insurance Companies.
  • Real Estate.
  • Telemarketing
  • Health Care.
  • Services Industry.