Email marketing

It is an act of sending commercial messages, to group of people using email, every email sent to existing, new or potential customer is considered email marketing.
AquilaTechs is a complete digital creative and marketing agency, fully equipped with properly managed email marketing tools covering every aspect of your email campaigns from conception to execution; we provide best email marketing services & solutions so you focus on your business.

our process

The Objective

Purpose & objectives defined by you along with your products & services.

The Target

Mutually, defined target audience and segmentation according to goals, your opt-email list, de-dupe & clean it or we will arrange for you from our database.

The Message

A template is designed based upon your branding, and customized for said segments, with our HTML writing experience, we help you ensure that your message stays consistent across the widest range of platforms.

The Delivery

Once the design & copy is finalized and approved, we schedule it for most appropriate time to get maximum readership of that email, with the use of high tech software’s that increases the rate of delivery availing spam filters.

The Results

A proper sign in is given to you, so you can see the results of your campaigns in real time, few days later, a meeting is scheduled to discuss the impact and insights gathered so, it can be further improved & optimized to get you maximum ROI

why choose us

Just a few reasons why we could help you deliver more from your marketing communications as we are complete digital creative & marketing company:

Email Specialists

We offer our clients premium quality services, specialist knowledge & comprehensive technical, content, design support they need to deliver highly successful email campaigns.

Single Point of Contact

What’s more we know there is nothing worse than being passed from pillar to post. So with us you always deal with the same person. That way, things are kept simple and everyone knows exactly what’s going on.

No Hassle

Being said, we have complete technical professionals who are expert in web development & design, if any issue arises it’s sorted once & for all, giving you Hassle free experience.

Local & Global

Although our work has a worldwide reach, we take a local view. So while we keep track of global developments in the world of email marketing, we are always in tune with what they mean for your business, wherever you are.

First Class Design

Our designers are highly experienced in developing HTML email. With hundreds of campaigns under our belts we know how to create high impact messages that will deliver the biggest bang for your marketing buck.


What we do may be at the cutting edge of technology, but we realize our people are our biggest asset. So on top of all of the market leading features, we pride ourselves on a friendly and approachable service.ce.

There When You Need Us

A real dedicated person will be handling your email marketing campaigns, which is coordinating with you among all aspects from start till end of your campaign.

Expert Analysis

Although you can access a wealth of campaign statistics from our system, sometimes it’s putting those in context that really matters. With our experience over hundreds of campaigns we can help you see the wood for the trees.

Build Quality

What works for websites doesn’t necessarily work for emails. Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. all treat HTML differently. We know how to build templates that will keep you message consistent across the widest range of platforms.

No Compromise

No matter what the size of your business, you’ll want your communications to have a big impact. Our flexible and cost effective solutions mean that everyone can use email to produce high quality campaigns that really deliver.