Creative (Digital Ads designing)

 Creative (Digital Ads designing)

In this digital age, creating an ad is like penning a master piece, with lots of thoughts, reasoning behind the elements shown, and above all making it more interactive, responsive and communicating just in a blink of an eye.

A complete team dedicated to put our client(s) thoughts, communications into very creative & innovative style and themes, yet, making sure, they get the best out of it, and we get good name being its creators. We have fully operational Digital Marketing, Production, Content Creation & Branding Services, departments here in AquilaTechs (Head Office) Lahore.


Ad Campaign Planning

Plan the budget and overall objectives of the campaign Deciding media mix (traditional & digital channels) Duration of Campaign

Media Planning

List of Mediums SEM, SMM, Print Ads, TVCs etc Allocation of budget to each Medium Stating Clear Goals for each Medium ( online & offline)

Ad Campaign Design

Search & develop various creative Ad concepts for Ad campaign Shortlisting various concepts from client & Aquilatechs Management Finalized the concept along with clients feedback &approval

Advertising design & Production

Create Artwork & Copy specially designed according to final concept Generate its Adapts according to Medium they will be placed (Digital & Traditional) Getting everything ready for distribution accordingly as planned, like SMM, SEM, TVCs & Print.

Compaign Execution

  • Launching Campaign based according to media plan
  • Maintain & executing the frequency according to media plan
  • Adjust the frequency and medium based upon response

An Example

  • Short summary of above said process.
  • Situation
  • Sample campaign for launch of a Summer Sale or a store in new location


To create awareness about the new launch among target customers.

Media Planning

  • Offline: 30% of budget
  • Online: 70%of budget
  • Offline: Flyers about the launch, Traffic Pole Banners, Newspaper ads
  • Online: search engine ads, display ads in portals, landing page for ads with contact form, animated banners in your homepage
  • Campaign Duration: one month – 7 days pre-launch, Launch day campaign and 21 days post launch campaign

Ad Campaign Design

  • Concept and theme for the campaign
  • Artworks and variations for pre-launch, launch and post launch campaigns
  • Printing and production and artworks


  • Website / microsite updated with landing pages, animated banners and contact forms on Day 1 to day 30
  • Online ads deployed in portals and search engines from Day 3 to day 30
  • Outdoor Banners are installed in key locations- Day 5 to Day 25
  • Flyer distribution – from Day 12 to Day 19
  • Newspaper Ads on day 15 launch day and next day